Scream ▸ Steve Rogers [1]

Scream ▸ Steve Rogers [1]

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cindy lou who By wandasmaximoff Completed

❝Your scream could literally obliterate a whole city.❞

❝That's why I try not to do it.❞

started: April 27, 2015
finished: July 14, 2015
edited: February 18, 2017

[the avengers]
[book one in the delilah caldwell series]
[cover by @zellasdays]

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siriusIyinsane siriusIyinsane 5 days ago
Lmao I forgot this was a marvel fic and I was like, damn she just asked, no need to get all sarcastic
she's not a red head if you call her that I will burn you (note that reference)
*Loki appears*
                              Loki: assist me-
                              Me: take me
                              Loki: I didn't even finish my offer
                              Me: I'm ready 
                              Loki: ... *walks away* nevermind
*calls the Shadowhunters*
                              Me: Hey yeah, there's a demon in my home can you come to exterminate it
                              Alec: On my way, never did like demons any way
                              Me: thanks 😊
I couldn't find it earlier 😩 I was wondering what happened.
And this was the moment everyone came to a delightful realisation...