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The Alpha's Abused Runaway Mate (On Hold)

The Alpha's Abused Runaway Mate (On Hold)

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Luna_Queen By Luna_Queen Updated Aug 28, 2016

Emily was a girl sent from the moon goddess to save the supernatural world. She was the moon goddesses daughter because her 'mom' that carried her was given the moon goddesses egg just one the other was he's which is why she has a twin brother. Nobody knew she was special except her parents not even her. On her 18th birthday she starts to shift into different forms a.k.a all of the supernatural creatures. But theirs on that's more powerful then the rest. Her moon goddess side. Her angel was the second because she was made by the moon goddess herself and that's why she has pure white wings. But theirs one thing that doesn't make sense if this is true. She was born mute. Never to make a sound. After her parents death everyone blamed her for their death because they were protecting her. The labeled her as the mute freak. They abused her and made her their servant.

Daniel was the wolf king. All the girls the girls wanted him but he was waiting for the one a.k.a his mate.

0DD1TY 0DD1TY Mar 24
Darn it that "a" in Brendan is gonna annoy the heck outta me (secretly imagining him as Brendon Urie)
batman_2002 batman_2002 Sep 22, 2016
Omg omg omg Patrick Dempsey this is the best book yet Omd he is amazing I'm so happy rn 😂😂😂😂😂
Whatever you did with the writing as you wrote the name, some of the letter doesn't show for me and probably for others. So I suggest not doing that
Purtle3211 Purtle3211 Nov 19, 2016
The last name O'connell reminds me of my orchestra teachers name
wolves_luver101 wolves_luver101 Nov 20, 2016
Wow the guy calls her worthless and she punched him in the face
ashleyszmutko ashleyszmutko Oct 29, 2016
Like I like u but I cant understan the way you do povs so I have no idea I will stop reading unless u right NORMALLY