College Love ( flutterdash )

College Love ( flutterdash )

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Fluttershys pov -

' class please turn to page sixtythree in your texts books please and answer problems 157- 168 Dr whooves finished ' ' I start working my assigned work and I couldnt help but look up and look at my best friend dashie that was already done and fiddling with her pen ' ' a smile and blush forms on me ' ' everything about her is so amazing, her red like magenta eyes sparkle. Her medium length rainbow hair which is always in a ponytail' '...her um body is rather curvy and muscular like which of course is like that since she is in track and softball ' ' Her raspy yet lovable voice is amazing ' ' I could go on and on but it would take me months to say it all ' ' I didnt notice myself starring at her for a long time until she looked up and looked at me with a small smile ' ' I blushed and quickly went back to my work' gosh she's so beautiful... ' 

Rainbow dashes pov - 

Dr whooves just finished explaining what pages we are gonna do but im already done since i knew the sched...

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