My sapphire

My sapphire

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        This has yet to be edited at all. 

I wanted to know everything about the girl laying in front of me. And more than anything, I wanted to feel her rough looking lips on mine.  I slowly and painfully leaned in and watched as ruby did the same. I closed my eyes as I felt her hot breath blow over my face biting my lip my heart skipped a beat as ruby moved closer.
                                              We were so close. 

                                                   We just weren't fast enough.

  This is based off of Steven Universe/s (sapphire and ruby) I DO NOT own the characters (but y'all knew that) the rightful owner is Rebecca Sugar, anyways happy readings :) LGBT !!
  WARNING : There is abuse in this story and bad language.

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Its muffin time! Its muffin time!
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I'm suppose to be doing homework right now.
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WeDontWantAnySpam WeDontWantAnySpam Jun 18, 2016
Is it just me or almost every AU of Ruby and Sapphire, one of them gets abused?
Mackenzieanimelover Mackenzieanimelover Jun 04, 2016
I should be writing my story.......but I think reading this is a better idea
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Just letting you know you should probably put a trigger warning just in case, but don't worry I'm not triggered by abuse or swears or anything :P
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This is awesome! Well, at first I thought no no no, but now it yes yes YES