ONE INTERESTING SUMMER  [dipper x reader x bill x others?]

ONE INTERESTING SUMMER [dipper x reader x bill x others?]

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Miss Polite Girl By miss_polite_girl Updated Aug 31, 2017

Gravity falls, an ordinary town right? Well just wait until y/n comes to town and 
changes everything.  
You meet dipper who falls in love you instantly as the same with 
Bill,Gideon, and some other interesting people. *wink wink*
But the main reason she's there? Well why don't you read and find out why Y/n is so special and important.♡
I do not own gravity falls or it's characters all right are to Alex Hirsh, but I wish I did though. However I do own this book so Ha! First story I have ever written so please enjoy.
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madibakeoven63 madibakeoven63 Apr 29, 2017
Actually most people look over me with a ehh until they see my eyes, they are green grey blue and honestly I would probably trade them for a pair of brown ones
Wow, so I'm gorgeous.... and everybody loves me..... 
                              TAKE THAT PACIFICA! *mike drop*
Cutie961 Cutie961 Jul 24, 2017
I think I read this book like a year ago okay I'm reading it again
Totally me, just not as perfect XD! I repeat, not AS perfect!
But I'm a awkward (awesome) fujoshi who likes seeing guys together
karma989 karma989 Sep 02, 2017
Wow. Just read the first chapter and I really like this story! Keep up the great work.