ONE INTERESTING SUMMER  [dipper x reader x bill x others?]

ONE INTERESTING SUMMER [dipper x reader x bill x others?]

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Miss Polite Girl By miss_polite_girl Updated Oct 29

Gravity falls, an ordinary town right? Well just wait until y/n comes to town and 
changes everything.  
You meet dipper who falls in love you instantly as the same with 
Bill,Gideon, and some other interesting people. *wink wink*
But the main reason she's there? Well why don't you read and find out why Y/n is so special and important.♡
I do not own gravity falls or it's characters all right are to Alex Hirsh, but I wish I did though. However I do own this book so Ha! First story I have ever written so please enjoy.

How did I not see this coming..Gideon!!....that big fat loser!!!!
PinesTwins PinesTwins Jun 13
I was like who...then I read it in side voices and I'm all like GIDEON YOU DON'T BELONG HERE
The only thing I ever get complemented on in real life is my eyes so that eye thing is kinda realistic. Also if you have Blue eyes then where are my mutant brothers and sisters? (Studies have shown that blue eyes are a mutation and all blue eyed people are related)
The one eye is  definitely bill....the other one.....I do not know
My eyes are black.
                               They legit look like my iris and pupil are the same thing so I wear brown colored contacts. I don't need the contacts I just hate my eyes.