Zeus [Book One]

Zeus [Book One]

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[Book One] 

What would you do if your life was turned upside down? If everything you believed in was wiped completely, only to be replaced with a world that you'd never have thought was real? 

That's what happened to Anya. 

Saved by a man who is named after the God of Strength, Anya is thrust into a world of fur and claws, and is made to live with a bunch of people who seemed to take pleasure from naming their offspring after Greek gods. Yet it is not the brother who saved her who Anya falls for. One man, with a temper that could take on a fight with thunder and lightning, he's the man whose soul belongs to her, the man whose story is told in the prophets of his pack, the only one who can destroy the demons of her past.

His name is Zeus.

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omg ,God. Am i the only one who is feeling the temperature rise
exiting exiting Jul 07
If we're talking about the mythology, the biggest fûckboy to ever live.
ace4562 ace4562 Jul 13
I'm smiling so hard and in my brain I'm legit screening!!! I prolly look like such an idiot
I've just started reading this book and Hercules is already my favourite.
Kay328 Kay328 Jan 25, 2016
Id freak out if i felt or heard someone come into the room i was trying to sleep in
ImmaButtermonkey ImmaButtermonkey Jan 01, 2016
I've probably watched too much Reign. I see Zeus as Toby Regbo...