My mates a kitten

My mates a kitten

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IceGirlsForever21 By Keeper-Family Updated Apr 27, 2016

Hi my name is Katherine Smith and I am 18 years old and I am a kitten-shifter. My mother and father are the alpha and luna of the SpitFire pack. But sadly they were wiped out 8 years ago and Kat was the only survivor. So in order for Kat to survive she needed to constantly be on the move.


Right now I am running from rouges that had deserved my peaceful sleep. Now normally I would be kicking their butt if there wasn't like 10 of them. So right now I am running who knows where. I look behind me but only see 5 of them, when I turn around I see the rest and stopped abruptly. They growl at me and one of them goes behinds the tree and shifts, then he comes out. If it weren't for the fact that he was covered in scars and has dry blood he would've looked cute with his blonde hair and hazel eyes."Well,well,well...what do we have here, a little pathetic kitten?" Blondie said with a sly smirk, all I did was hiss, "ooo, feisty," he said sounding amused," but looks like ...

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