Checkmate (Doctor Who fanfiction)

Checkmate (Doctor Who fanfiction)

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Allergic-to-Cliches By TheLivingParadox Completed

"So, what do Time Lords pray to?" Amy asked reluctantly.

He didn't answer. He knew if he did, she'd wish he hadn't.

The truth was hard to bear, even for him. It was hard not to be paralyzed when your goddess is sitting right next to you; in the skin of your best friend's best friend.

Treating a human like a goddess wasn't in his nature. Yet he discovered that he didn't get an option.

Ruby Oakley is insane. Properly bonkers. She has been since The Doctor met her. Or, that's what he'd like to have believed. It's not that simple.

Alongside Amelia Pond and Rory Williams, a new companion takes to the skies, trying to discover more about her complicated past that never seemed to make sense.

With the threat of being a villain capable of unimaginable destruction, and the possibility of being the savior that an old man has needed in his life for far too long, she's the chance he's never taken. But is it possible for her to end up both the villain and the hero?

The answer is no.

I just imagined the 11 with the stedson riding out of the crack
11lokilove 11lokilove Jun 10
That's what I want to do when I hate something. Lol. I'm cracking up.
_RainFire_ _RainFire_ Aug 24, 2015
Another plot twist! Ruby's a vampire too. Then the Doctor and Ruby make a parody version of Alone Together by Fall Out Boy that doesn't have correct syllable chunks or whatever. 
                              LET'S BE VAMPIRES TOGETHER
_RainFire_ _RainFire_ Aug 24, 2015
An apple a day keeps the Doctor away...
                              And that's why the Doctor doesn't like apples any more.
TheLivingParadox TheLivingParadox Apr 29, 2015
@GlitterGreenGirl24 I won't lol it wasn't a threat. I'm way too far gone to stop