Daddy's little Werecat (MxM) (Incest)

Daddy's little Werecat (MxM) (Incest)

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Sapere aude By Teago1870 Updated Jul 12

Ari is the Alpha of his ambush of Werecats. Human's that can shape shift into Wild Cats.
He rescues his 13 year old son, Sammy, from Sammy's sadistic mother at the age of 13.. 
Not long after Sammy turns 18 he starts noticing how defined his Daddy's chest muscles are and how is sweat glistens...
Sammy finds out who his mate is but will he be able to accept it or will he reject his mate?
But he does not find out that his twisted mother has been going around the country killing people in an attempt to find him. And she will not rest until she has found him.
Will Sammy's father be able to protect him from the women with no morals?

*Chapter 15 is private, you must follow me to read it.*

*Disclaimer I do not know who the man in the picture is and I do not own the picture! The actions of the people in my book in no way reflect the actions and lifestyle of the man in the picture, he is simply what I imagine Ari to look like. *

jR1618 jR1618 Nov 29
I just received the power of Google. Group of tigers is called "streak" or "ambush" while lions for "pride", "sault" or "troop"; leopards for "leap"; and cheetahs for coalition.
When I read the werecats I immediately thought of Mark, Bob, and Wade's story😂
Actually it's not called ambush,its called a pride,look it up
PaigeNight PaigeNight Jul 12
Omg. I just took a glance at the sentence and I swore it said 'dicking'
The world has changed the whole meaning of the word "Daddy", and that's why we all need Jesus 😂😂