Sweet as candy ( rev edd x reader

Sweet as candy ( rev edd x reader

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You are always quite when around people, never talking unless spoken to. Shy? No, scared, nope. Just felt it was rude to talk back to strangers. Once you move to peach creek  and start going to peach creek high someone pokes you till you pop. Eddward or use to be known as double D captin of the swim team.

I do not own ed edd or eddy
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I do own some fan base characters but that's it
I am also in the story

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GalaxyFox128 GalaxyFox128 Nov 22, 2017
I’m gonna give Mr Jones a rating, 8/10 minus the hand thing and the personal space stuff he’s pretty cool so far
Kittyisback08 Kittyisback08 Oct 29, 2017
Nazz: cause she was bullying someone?
                              Me :.....  Sure *thinks back to when the girl put her hair on my desk for the third damn time after I moved it*
I have a teacher.
                              He's called Mr. Jones
                              But he teaches humanities.
GalaxyFox128 GalaxyFox128 Nov 22, 2017
Just gonna point out that she yelled in the middle of the night a bad word that probably woke everyone up......
jadkins3867 jadkins3867 Jan 30, 2017
Hmm mr. Jones? Dragging people around? Not knowing what personal space is? This could be Alfred f jones, could IT?
- - Jan 08, 2016
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