Was (Was #1)

Was (Was #1)

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Yzabel Ginsberg By YzabelGinsberg Updated May 16, 2014

Paris, February 1989. Necromancer Louis Valdemar is well on his way to awake dark forces no human being should ever play with. His former colleagues have no other choice than to send a team of hunters to put an end to this madness, and prevent the French capital from being destroyed.

Bristol, May 2008. Louisa Keynes wakes up in a hospital room, after a car crash left her in a coma for ten months, only to find that everything has changed, her nights are now plagued by weird dreams, and magic does exist. Now able to bend Reality to her will using modern devices, she's determined to walk that path as far as she needs to in order to learn more about herself.

London, December 2009. Echoes and Ring investigate a series of gruesome murders. In St Pancras railway station, Marek Van Cartier is wreaking havoc, a sweet smile on his lips. On the platform at Tottenham Court Road, Lyle Karlowitz is staring at a heartless woman in a colourless world. From beyond a wall of thorns, the hand of death is about to curb the fates of thousands of people. And Louisa is riding the Northern Line, unknowingly rushing towards the encounter that will turn her life to shambles.

What was and what is shall now meet.

  • dreams
  • friendship
  • ghosts
  • humanity
  • london
  • magic
  • memories
  • mystery
  • necromancy
  • relationships
  • soul
  • spirit
  • supernatural
  • technology
  • truth
  • urban-fantasy
  • witch
KenMagee KenMagee Mar 25, 2014
That is interesting. I love the mix of magic and the modern world. Voted.
almost_suborbital almost_suborbital Mar 13, 2014
The whole physics, vectors, and calculations and such in your book ”Was” has got me confused. Could you please explain?
unbrokenworld unbrokenworld Aug 30, 2013
oooh, sounds like it's going to be a very interesting and multidimensional read.
YzabelGinsberg YzabelGinsberg Aug 12, 2013
@LizzyLouLou Thank you. The original blurb was a bit longer, but I tried to rework it and keep it within boundaries. I'm glad it looks interesting. *smiles*
LizzyLouLou LizzyLouLou Aug 12, 2013
Even this brief blurb really sets the scene. I mean, you aren't giving anything away, yet it's still very immersive.
YzabelGinsberg YzabelGinsberg Aug 04, 2013
@JasonWride Thank you. :) It's all one big experiment for me, so I hope it'll prove a nice read.