Saved- FNaF Jeremy Fitzgerald X Reader {completed}

Saved- FNaF Jeremy Fitzgerald X Reader {completed}

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xoxo By MyHorseTater Completed

New Job. New Friends. A New Crush?

Like every other day, your looking out for a job. A cool job, not like baby sitting or walking dogs. Something, that's adventurous. That's when in the paper. You saw the job offering for Freddy Fazbears Pizza. You accept it. Little did you know, you'd be meeting someone that goes by the name of Jeremy.
Okie, so this is my first human story. Sorry if it sucks >.< Ah well, hope you enjoy anyway! 


(Thank you for every one that has read this. Love you all <3)

Oml I have a crush on FNaF characters too! Don't be ashamed. :P
Tashacat43 Tashacat43 Oct 06, 2016
How did Mike know your name you ask? Well that's easy he just read your name tag that's right the- oh never mind...
"Quickly" changed
                              HEY! I ways end up sleeping while changing
PhoenixLove_1 PhoenixLove_1 Jul 31, 2016
Work Work Work Work Work Work see me I be dur dur dur dur dur dur!
ShollowDivee ShollowDivee Aug 04, 2016
Please don't get mad. But in "out if you didn't pay the owner" you said  Of
CxnadianGxrl CxnadianGxrl Jul 30, 2016
Mike da stalker! XD Sorry im trying to think of how he knows meh name