Free Falling ▼ Barry Allen

Free Falling ▼ Barry Allen

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| BOOK I |

Free Fall [free-fawl]  
:  To move under the force of gravity only; fall rapidly 


Daniella Queen, otherwise known as Dani, is the outcast of the Queen Family. 

After twenty five years of living in boring Starling City, she decides she needs a change and moves to Central City, where a crazy adventure awaits.
[barry allen ; season 1]

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skywolf2000 skywolf2000 Jun 05, 2017
She looks like Alyssa violet. Sorrynotsorry I'm just putting it out there (and love Jake Paul PAULER FOR LIFEE BROO!!!)
cuddle_slut cuddle_slut Jul 04, 2017
I don't like Caitlin. Idfc what y'all think, Caitlin has just always been my least favorite character.
gsrily gsrily Jul 29, 2017
when i saw the title i was like "FREE FAAAAAALLLLIIIIIIIIINNGGG"
TheImpalaLover TheImpalaLover Jul 18, 2017
Willa is so effing funny and chill in real life 😂 It's wired to see her on the show after meeting her at the Oregon Rose City Walker-Stalker and Heros and Villians comic con.
Hpotterx Hpotterx Jun 30, 2017
Why has 5 people only commented on this? We looks HOT RN
                              I mean, he always does, but he looks EXTRA HOTTT
putFOODonMYbed putFOODonMYbed May 23, 2017
I can guess that everyone hates her because I'm the only one who commented. I don't like her tho