Free Falling ▼ Barry Allen

Free Falling ▼ Barry Allen

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Free Fall [free-fawl]  
:  To move under the force of gravity only; fall rapidly 


Daniella Queen, otherwise known as Dani, is the outcast of the Queen Family. 

After twenty five years of living in boring Starling City, she decides she needs a change and moves to Central City, where a crazy adventure awaits.
[barry allen ; season 1]

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ains246 ains246 May 17
I love grant Gustin and Barry Allen but Oliver queen is better and so is starling/star city
His first name is Thomas actually but ZDAMN ZDADDY LOOKING MIGHTY FINE
skywolf2000 skywolf2000 Jun 05
She looks like Alyssa violet. Sorrynotsorry I'm just putting it out there (and love Jake Paul PAULER FOR LIFEE BROO!!!)
I don't like Caitlin. Idfc what y'all think, Caitlin has just always been my least favorite character.
gsrily gsrily Jul 29
when i saw the title i was like "FREE FAAAAAALLLLIIIIIIIIINNGGG"
Willa is so effing funny and chill in real life 😂 It's wired to see her on the show after meeting her at the Oregon Rose City Walker-Stalker and Heros and Villians comic con.