Free Falling ▼ Barry Allen

Free Falling ▼ Barry Allen

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| BOOK I |

Free Fall [free-fawl]  
:  To move under the force of gravity only; fall rapidly 


Daniella Queen, otherwise known as Dani, is the outcast of the Queen Family. 

After twenty five years of living in boring Starling City, she decides she needs a change and moves to Central City, where a crazy adventure awaits.
[barry allen ; season 1]

But Cara is really pretty though... and I can already tell they are perfect for each other
___lca___ ___lca___ Jan 29
cutest frickin bean look how smol and smiley gosh diddly darn i love him
Dxniellx5sos Dxniellx5sos Nov 06, 2016
I wasnt gonna read this because I saw it was on hold but the Name used brought me here because its my name
Kifah1999 Kifah1999 Dec 15, 2016
So we just gon pretend that she didn't want you dead mere minutes ago
Wow overprotective much???  
                              Well, it just shows you care 🤗