The Unmatchable  Match

The Unmatchable Match

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What will happen when the guy you´ve been crushing for what feels like forever is paired with your best friend on a fake marriage and you get stuck with the guy you cant even stand??

welcome to carrie´s life, her senior year was supposed to be the perfect one, but its all turned upside down, when her principal announces the wedding project.  who in their right mind woud put two people together against their will?  the worst part is when she learns that Blake, the one person she cant stand gets to be her husband and to top it all Jake her undeniable crush gets her best friend.

follow Carrie though her "perfect" senior year and all the surprises that are about to come.

athurlow athurlow Jan 08, 2014
cute I wish we did something like that  then I think of keagan and blush
qjazzy12 qjazzy12 Oct 01, 2013
I love this book! It's amazing! Keep going:)! Love it!!!!!!!
pixiestar94 pixiestar94 Mar 28, 2013
@jinglebells13 thank you. Could you please point out in what chapters do I mension it. I will change it right away :D
jinglebells13 jinglebells13 Mar 28, 2013
Ummm ...... You said that Blake had an older brother and a younger sister before but now you're saying that he's an only child!!!!!!
Salerno546 Salerno546 Mar 22, 2013
this was a great start you have a very wonderful story and I can't wait to see where you take this story:P
kikipower123 kikipower123 Feb 28, 2013
Lol this is really interesting. I loved the ending. I hope this book won't turn out to be cliche. Added to my library :) Can't wait to read the rest