Remember Me [Yato x Reader]

Remember Me [Yato x Reader]

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After Yato failed to save Hiyori's memories, he became an empty shell. He still did jobs for five yen each. He still cared for Yukine's needs. But there wasn't anything of him left. 

Then you walked into the picture. You were a Regalia, with no god, and strangely no one could name you. His interest in you grew.

But why can't you have a name for yourself?

[All of these characters, except (Y/N), are all owned by Adachitoka. I am simply writing a story based on the manga and anime. The storyline is different so sorry if you wanted Hiyori to have her memories!]

Cover by me ( '∀`)

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wait, for all you guys that are 13 and younger.. if yato ever kissed you guys it would legit be considered sexual harassment even if it was consensual
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Little did she know, Yukine was actually the regalia of the God in which she saw earlier!
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13 ;-; but umma be 14 in this story cause i plan on doing suicide  on my birthday/graduation or sometime before I'm 14