I'm No Hero || a Captain America Fanfic/Love story

I'm No Hero || a Captain America Fanfic/Love story

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Skylar Angelov, a 26 year old girl who does things any normal 26 year old would do.
But she's not any normal 26 year old girl. She's more than a normal 26 year old girl... she has special abilities. During the day she's Skylar Angelov but by night she's the masked vigilante Emerald Nightstar.

Once S.H.I.E.LD. finds her she finds herself falling for someone she never thought she'd fall for... Captain America. Whilst at S.H.I.E.LD. she realises she not only fighting for what she thinks is right anymore, unexpectedly she finds herself figthing for love.     

Book 1 in the Emerald Nightstar duology.

I own none of the characters except for Skylar Angelov/Emerald Nightstar. All rights go to Marvel for their Awesome characters!


KarasuNeko KarasuNeko Apr 19
I honestly just want to say "Son, just don't" for the fun of it. But, yes ma'am!
                              Kinky af
When i first saw the cover I thought of assassins creed so i have a good feeling its gonna be a fantastic book
frostyemeraldgirl frostyemeraldgirl Jun 13, 2016
( gose into fangirlism factored and starts hyperventilating and silently screaming from it being to good then passes out and blows up)