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The flirty type ( an ohshc story)

The flirty type ( an ohshc story)

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BloodAndRoses13 By BloodAndRoses13 Updated Jan 27

Kei Koizumi is a new student at Ouran, and, after being kidnapped, winds up at the host club!
Watch the flirty type make friends, and maybe fall in love! The real question is, will he be to much for the club to handle?

I'm not sure where I am headed with this story, so ratings and categories may change as the story progresses!

ShantalMolar ShantalMolar Sep 28, 2016
i know how he feels i hate pink but i look so god damn good in it
baecxu baecxu Mar 26, 2016
Laito,  did you drink the Vampire Juice again and somehow mixed up your anime?
harleyquinnthefirst harleyquinnthefirst Jun 21, 2016
I don't like pink but even if I did you don't paint a school pink vainly it blue or wait wasn't half of the freakin school glass so shouldn't it be clear or have a tiny of blue
lonelinesstoday lonelinesstoday Mar 28, 2016
I don't know why burt that made me laugh the first time I watch it I was like (T_T)(ಥ_ಥ)
Wriiae Wriiae Oct 22, 2016
Ooo, a fedora. Ain't you fancy.
                              I actually have no idea what a fedora is...
_AlphaRedEyes _AlphaRedEyes Jun 22, 2016
YO if someone actually went out in public like that I will automatically marry them