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warrior's heart

warrior's heart

114K Reads 10.2K Votes 74 Part Story
zeenat01al-farsi By zeenat01al-farsi Updated 7 days ago

Whenever the kingdom of Misrah was mentioned, the name Marliyyah came to mind. Born the only child to the Sultan of Misrah,Imran El- Assad and his queen Noorah,  she was loved immensely.But fate dealt a heavy blow to the inseparable family when the queen Noorah, suddenly vanishes without a trace and leaves the Sultan heart broken. He falls into a long sleep mysterious to healers from far and near.
Marliyyah now a fully grown woman steps into the shoes of her father to protect her people and forever closes the doors to her heart.

Orphaned and having to ascend the throne of his predecessors at a young age is the Sultan of Heman, Nawfal Al-fateh.  Being a close ally of Misrah,  he learns of the impending doom that threatens to befall the kingdom from the feared Kingdom of the Boas.Nawfal must do the needful, a marital alliance to protect his long time ally and show loyalty.
Will Marliyyah concede to this alliance? Will Nawfal be able to tame the warrior's heart?

AWarriorBehindAVeil AWarriorBehindAVeil Jan 28, 2016
WOW! MashaAllah this book is so CooL and unique! I love your writing style MashaAllah!!
Orubakhan Orubakhan Sep 16, 2016
Wow. ..Beautiful. loving ur narration♥♥
                              READING THIS TILL THE END♥♥♥
AishaUmarYau AishaUmarYau Nov 15, 2016
Reading this at this tym of d day is a bad, bad idea. I hope I don't stay the whole night as I am smitten already.
zeenat01al-farsi zeenat01al-farsi Aug 07, 2015
No offence taken at all, I wasn't aware that it was haram,  she was wearing a hijab too under her cloak and the mam who accompanied her is her guardian,he's like a father figure to her,keep reading and their relationship will become clearer to u. I refer to her hijab as veil in the story.
Socialrecluse Socialrecluse Jul 19, 2015
Hmm... why is it that only fangirl type stories have a gazillion reads and yours hasn't passed 5k? Something is very, very wrong with the readers of wattpad
ZaraGoldenInk ZaraGoldenInk May 28, 2015
Masha Allah! I just started reading this and I love it already. I love books with strong female characters and she seems to be as strong as they get. Najah recommended this book to me and I'm really glad she did. Thumbs up and keep it up.