The Never Ending Dream

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Karine By karineprincess Updated 4 years ago
A dream that goes on and on every night, like the continuation to a never ending story. A girl who lives dazed, her mind never in reality, entranced by the alluring eyes of the mysterious man she sees every night. Isleen soon finds herself slowly paying attention to the real world -  the world which now also contains those very same eyes.
Nice description! I thought the flow was nice. I couldn't find any major errors that needed to be fixed. 
Wow very well written chapter ! Really descriptive and I actually really enjoyed reading this ! Good job (:
I like it (: Love the idea too -it's really unique ! And I love he name Isleen! 
                                    I just love the whole thing :D
Really good start! (: Your details are amazing and this looks like it has heaps of potential too :) Hope you get far with it! Voted and fanned!
That was so interesting :) I enjoyed the whole thing, and hope you do choose to continue with this ! :D great work!