Young, Gay, Love

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AnotherAsianHilton By AnotherAsianHilton Updated 2 years ago
'Young, Gay, Love' is a book about a teenage gay named Sam trying to understand how the world works. Growing up as a sheltered home-schooler he learns what the term gay is and that thinking boys are attractive has a lot more strings attached than he thought. Follow Sam and his friends (some stay some don't) as he tries to learn about the gay world on his own terms.
I agree I know that people don't understand what I feel like I can't just say I want to be strait I ant change and many people don't understand that
Being gay is hard and i have the scars on my arms to prove it
I'm a homo and its hard going out to ppl I get bullied a lot for being gay
I support my family and friends that are gay I embrace them to be their selves.It brings me joy knowing how happy they are!!
teddy will you be my teddybear in a creepy way awesome book !!
@teddyb6 It was an exaggerated joke. -__-
                                    Break down your paragraphs....