The Brickstons Pack Series:  The Alpha's Rejection.

The Brickstons Pack Series: The Alpha's Rejection.

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Abraham Giorgio By weresandvamps Completed

The night of their shared birthday, Stone and Lucas discover that they are Mate's and like mate's sometimes do, they are overcome with the need to mate, it's a hungry mating they go at it like animals. but Lucas wakes to discover his bed empty he goes in search of the future Alpha and when he finds him his world crumbles Stone rejects him cruelly and hurt and confused Lucas runs away from the pack. He is near death because of the rejection and he's pregnant, alone and homeless he searches for help, help comes in the form of a powerful young witch who takes him in nurses him back to health helps him raise his son and becomes his best friend but after six years he returns home to his pack. 

what happens when Stone, the new Alpha. shows up and demands that Lucas give him a second chance, what happens when Stone discovers that Lucas kept his son the next Alpha away from him. will love conquer or is too late. 

read and discover

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Oh for fücks sake, please tell me this isn't gonna be a love triangle
Finally... A book about my ex-homestate, MS, :3 I'm living in Memphis now
good start enjoying the story! I think Stone should have his butt kicked daily!
this looks like its gonna be a good read im looking forward to see how the story develops.
whitney-star whitney-star Apr 29, 2015
First chapter and it was soo are really talented so please continue!!!
MariUchiha MariUchiha Apr 29, 2015
i really like this story. I mean REALLY !!! so please update next chapter dear author *.*