The Pack Called Brickston : :  The Alpha's Rejection :: Book 1

The Pack Called Brickston : : The Alpha's Rejection :: Book 1

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Walter Woodard By SexWithSupernaturals Updated Jul 29, 2017

The night of their shared birthday, werewolves Stone and Lucas discover that they are mates.  (Aka soul mates) 

And as happens on occasion, they are overcome with the need to mate. It's a hungry mating where they go at it like animals. 

But what about when Lucas wakes up and discovers his bed empty, going in search of the future Alpha; Lucas finds him and when he does his world crumbles.

Stone rejects him cruelly, and a hurt and confused Lucas runs away from the pack. For days he runs through the back woods of Brickston Mississippi, sleeping on an empty stomach, drinking from filthy creeks. 

 He is weakened because of the rejection, and though he doesn't yet know it  he is carrying the Alpha's heir.  

Alone, knocked up and homeless he wanders the streets of Yatesville  Georgia for a few nights, praying for death.

Death doesn't come, but instead help comes; in the form of a powerful young enchanter who takes him in and nurses him back to health.

He helps him raise his son and becomes not only his best friend but after six years something more than a lover. 

But a few weeks before his first shift Lucus takes his son,  now six, back to Brickston Mississippi to his pack. So that he can learn to be an Alpha from his father Stone.

What happens when Lucas and Stone see each other after six years, will Stone demand that Lucas give him a second chance, what happens when Stone discovers that Lucas kept his son the next Alpha away from him. 

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Master_eve Master_eve Aug 15, 2017
Yooo I'm listening to buckeyes by mf doom and it just goes so welllll rn
Master_eve Master_eve Aug 15, 2017
I knew I shouldn't of taken that smoke break before reading this 😂😂😂 damn
leshkb leshkb Jan 01
Am sad
                              I started reading this and was becoming excited to see it was incomplete 😔😔😔😔😔
newly_improved newly_improved Jul 09, 2016
Oh for fücks sake, please tell me this isn't gonna be a love triangle
Moonshadow96 Moonshadow96 Oct 08, 2016
Finally... A book about my ex-homestate, MS, :3 I'm living in Memphis now
Ranneeyah Ranneeyah Dec 11, 2016
I haven't read it before u started rewriting it, but I can tell it's good and worth my time, so please keep updating 😍😘