If only I wasn't a mermaid ~a NaLu fanfic~

If only I wasn't a mermaid ~a NaLu fanfic~

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Entered for the wattys 2017! 😆

Princess Lucy a mermaid who has only one wish: To be human. 

All her life she's been living underwater with her sisters: Princess Juvia, Princess Erza and Princess Levy.  But as a curious one, she has been longing to know how to walk with feet on land, how to eat stuff she's never tasted, how to dance and experience many things as a human.  One day, like usual, she swam up to the shore and looked at the outside world as much as  she could before her sisters or royal guards caught her and...

Found a human prince staring right at her. 

What will happen? Will the human prince known as Natsu Love her at first sight, or hate her? 
Find out know by reading this story!

Okay then 
                              *Cries in background*
                              Why Natsu why 😭😭😱😨🙃
Dfly17 Dfly17 May 28
You idiotic flame breathe who needs to freeze for all eternity
coolcat117 coolcat117 May 28
Treat peop-
                              Treat living things the way you want to be treated.
coolcat117 coolcat117 May 28
How can you people function?! I need 20 hours to be able to blink! Let alone walk and do things. *whispers* teach me your ways...
Coopsie Coopsie Dec 07, 2016
FISH ARE FRIENDS NOT FOOD ~ bobrought to you by a girl I can remember P Sherman 32 Wallaby Way Sydney
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You're awake? It better not be a Saturday, or I swear I will make you see the flaws in your ways.