Kaylie's Revenge (Vengeance and Seduction Series #1)

Kaylie's Revenge (Vengeance and Seduction Series #1)

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Iliada Troy By iliada Completed

Kaylie is sooooo sick of her Aunt Rita's constant barrage of thinly-veiled insults. The older woman never misses a chance to put down her niece or her mother, and this time Kaylie wasn't going to take any more of it. 

She was going to get her revenge. And she was going to get it the only way how - through her Aunt Rita's hot, younger husband.

This story is gonna get really hot and steamy, so I advise anyone younger than 16 to skip it. To everyone else - enjoy!

"Your tongue felt so good ...," I whispered. "But you wanted to give me more."

Oliver sucked harder. I could feel his tongue flicking my nipple hungrily, desperately. What started as a hesitant tasting of my body turned into a ravenous feasting on my flesh. 

Weak with desire, I was helpless to do anything but bite my lip to keep from moaning out loud as his mouth ravished every inch of my breast. I wanted to beg him to take me at that very moment. To thrust his manhood inside me, to fill me up with every inch of his sex until this aching need I felt was gone.

He pulled his hands from under my skirt to grab my waist and pull me closer to him. Then he tugged on my blouse, ripping my last two buttons, and pulled down the straps of my bra. He pushed me down to lie on the desk, and positioned himself between my parted legs.  I didn't struggle, but he put his hands on my shoulder blades, pinning me down.

He looked down on me, his heavy breathing the only sound in the room. I realized I had been holding my own breath.

"How much more, Kaylie?" he said.

 "Everything," I said. "You wanted to give me every ... inch of you." 

"You'll regret this," he said. 

"Maybe." I sat up slowly, and reached down to grab his belt. As I unbuckled it, I looked up at him. "Will you make me regret this, Uncle Olie? I want to regret this a lot."

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Shedevils101 Shedevils101 Apr 01, 2016
Lol some fantasy that was... Rita would prolly rip your eyes out..
Shedevils101 Shedevils101 Apr 01, 2016
Hehe... That's kinda the reason I even added this book.... Hot girl on the cover... 👅
mafia2xl mafia2xl Aug 13, 2016
One of my old teachers use to tell us he's our favorite Fifth period class B . When we were the only one 😂