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Rage [Hiatus] By AngryIrishGamer Updated Aug 05, 2015

Title: Butchy/Reader
Fandom: Teen Beach Movie [TBM]
Began Writing: 4-27-15
Published: 4-27-15
Author of Story: AngryIrishGamer
Editor of Story: AngryIrishGamer


A/N: I hope this is as gender neutral as possible! If I make any mistakes, go ahead and yell at me or criticize me about it. Just make sure I don't specify /exactly/ a female or male pronoun. Okay? I hope so!


daryl_n_grimes daryl_n_grimes Aug 15, 2016
This is the exact reason I don't go deepening to where I can't see a shark coming at me
MCRDestroyaGerard MCRDestroyaGerard Jul 18, 2016
Lol even thought thus is not the story but I ship [Name] and Brady XD
MCRDestroyaGerard MCRDestroyaGerard Jul 18, 2016
Falling for ya f falling for ya can't hold on any longer cuz now I'm falling for ya
poeticlandmermaid poeticlandmermaid Jan 14, 2016
I keep getting distracted cause there is a guy in my theatre group named Tanner XD
Dear-Ameltha Dear-Ameltha Jan 09, 2016
So happy to have found a Butchy x reader!!! It seems great!! Can't wait to read the rest. And I totally love him too XD