I'm His Mate(Touch #1)

I'm His Mate(Touch #1)

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His mouth left neck, and expecting him to kiss me again, I looked up at him critically. My head was still swirling, and my thoughts were all over the place. "You are mine and only mine," he declared huskily. "I don't want that guy touching you again."

"Jealous, are we?" I inquired, a smirk forming on my face. 

"I'm just protecting what's mine," he answered nonchalantly though I saw his fists clench.

At his words, my thoughts came into focus, and I was flooded with common sense. Who the hell was he to tell me who I could and couldn't be intimate with? I am not his!


Being 15 in her Sophomore year of high school, Rennaline had never really focused on boys. Her attention was really on learning the basis of Hungarian before she went to Hungary over the summer, keeping a 4.0 GPA, and singing. It also didn't help that no one seemed to like her, and the boys weren't that cute. When she meets Jaden Vallor, her whole world is flipped upside down. At first glance, he seems like the typical flirt, and she constantly wants to wring his neck, but Rennaline is going to discover that he is something much bigger than that. And it's going to change her life forever.

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Manila High School is a  public secondary school and located beside the Pamantasan Ng Lungsod Ng Maynila which is a government school for the elite class in the City of Manila, Philippines.
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