My Brother, The Angel. Angel Of Death

My Brother, The Angel. Angel Of Death

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chloe By ceejay1163 Updated Jan 18, 2012

He follows me to the store for the fifth time this week. His name is Damien Evens Adam Daemone. (D.E.A.D). He is in love with me. He is my adopted brother. He is tall, well built and has long black hair. He is my parents’ favourite. He is my stalker. He is dead. He is continually trying to get me to be his Mrs-Angel-Of-Death.

My name is Roxanna Daemone. I am in love with music, art, reading and writing. I had a boyfriend named Tyler. He died. And now he haunts me. Also he doesn’t know he’s dead. Well, he didn’t. My family and friends don’t know that Damien is dead because he kinda got reincarnated and hid his old body in his old toy box. So I have an adopted brother/ angel of death who is trying to make me his bride. An an overprotective/ possessive dead ex-boyfriend who didn’t know he is a ghost haunting me and chasing off any boy who likes me.

No wonder I can’t get a date...

This is my his their our story.

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Rufus73 Rufus73 Dec 23, 2010
I can say I like it and i see a future but it is a little hard to fallow and how about mixing up the titles a bit while you are at it unless it is a series I'm gonna put a like though but search my name and click on scalys adventure 1
ceejay1163 ceejay1163 Dec 08, 2010
@Moonfox597  ok thanks for your input ill try and work on that  for the next chapters
                              glad you like it
Moonfox597 Moonfox597 Dec 04, 2010
It's a little hard to follow, If you detailed some things like the suroundings instead of just having them talking it would have been easier I think, but I like it.
ceejay1163 ceejay1163 Aug 26, 2010
@pixxie_sticks  i wrote this after i finished crying then continued it when i was in a better mood so i hope its good
MiszJean MiszJean Aug 10, 2010
wow thats a lot that i missed, i think ima go back and read it again lol
ceejay1163 ceejay1163 Aug 09, 2010
                               yeah you missed it. she can hear, smell, see and sense supernatural beings.
                              and the blood in the cup holders
                              mark is the alpha werewolf her brother hired the pack to protect roxanna in case he needs help