Beyond the Rocks (STEREK!)

Beyond the Rocks (STEREK!)

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Daddy Satan By DaddySatan24 Completed

Stiles is a mermaid
Derek is a mermaid hunter
While Stiles tries to stay alive every night the mermaid hunters dive into the ocean to hunt them down and kill them, Derek is happily enjoying his life as a hunter.
He loves to hear them scream and beg for their lives, him and everyone else thought that mermaids we're a waste and useless. They were just failed humans, half fish who wouldnt want those freaks dead?

But that all changes when Derek meets Stiles.

New Sterek story! Hope you all enjoy and love it!!! <3 <3

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also quite amazing bc her rl name is also melissa
                              melissa mccall and melissa ponzio
sonie23 sonie23 Apr 29, 2017
Salueee :) ta fiction a l air génial mais comme je suis pas doué en anglais :/  je me demandais si il y avais une traduction en français de ta fiction quelque part sur wattpad ?
dorkerela dorkerela Jul 06, 2017
Ok I love teen wolf and all but I've never gotten a rounds to actually watching it mostly because I can't find any were that has teen wolf on it so will someone please tell me who Melissa is (and before u ask yes I am a real fan)
Jesse_Drake Jesse_Drake Feb 28
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DarkSiren15 DarkSiren15 Nov 19, 2017
Well I found out Derek's younger sister is named Cora and I was like hay that's my name
Why and how is our strong mama mcall dead??😭😭😭😭😭😭