Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th

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chloe By ceejay1163 Updated Feb 19, 2011

She fell for him

She swore to me that she shouldn’t
Couldn’t and wouldn’t 
Fall for him

But life is unfair

They were walking together and I called out her name
She looked at me and shrugged
Walking away and breaking her promises
I thought she cared for me

But people only care about themselves

I saw him hours later with another
They were all over each other and I had to turn away from disgust

She rang me up that night and said he told her he loved her
As silent tears fell down my cheeks I said be careful not to damage your heart
She scoffed and told me to say I’m happy for them
So I did...

Life is cruel

The day after she saw him with yet another chick
She ran into the bathroom crying
I followed her to make sure she was all right
She said I should've looked after her
I told her I tried to

So she called me a heartless bitch

My name is Shadow Silver Wates. I am 17 and my life is a horror story. This is the story of my life.And I have to re-live all of this because of Lucifer, my english teacher, my wanna-be lover, stalker and families most trusted friend. In english last week, Mr. S decided that it could be a good idea for us to write about our lives from age five untill now in story form and then read them to the class so they can vote on which ones should go in the school newspaper. Of course when class ended he said if I made up some happy story then he would make sure that I went back to live with him, the guy I hate, Danny. But that’s history. Hopefully.

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ceejay1163 ceejay1163 Aug 26, 2010
@pixxie_sticks good ill prbably put a lot of effort into this for now then go back o my other stories
ceejay1163 ceejay1163 Aug 26, 2010
@pixxie_sticks  please dont cry i just wanted to show that things can go from weird to crap quickly
ceejay1163 ceejay1163 Aug 19, 2010
@gavthedarft  thanks this is just the prologue but it will become more horror like further into the story i think anyway
                              glad u like it and ill take a look at your story
TheOrangutan TheOrangutan Aug 19, 2010
@ceejay1163 - I kinda like it! I came in and left an advert, but then had a quick look and got hooked. It's tragic, but rather good for all teen angst. Not sure you've got it correctly classified as horror though. 
                              Well done, good bit of writing. Well worth a vote. 
TheOrangutan TheOrangutan Aug 19, 2010
… do you fancy Another Chance? So did Gary, but he found himself in Hell’s own Gameshow. Only one could make it through; only one could be given Another Chance… 
                              Another Chance by gavthedarft 2010 Watty Awards Entry
ceejay1163 ceejay1163 Aug 19, 2010
@fazzy063  glad you like it
                              hope you'll keep reading and by the way this didnt happen to me but it probably happened to someone else