The End of Summer

The End of Summer

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Summer Jacobs knew full well about her town’s tradition.

Every year at the end of the summer, a party would be held on school grounds without the knowledge of the parents or the teachers. It had been happening since before Summer was born and never once was anyone the wiser.
This year however, everyone was going to find out.

Summer had planned a weekend of alcohol, bad decisions and horrendous photo’s which she would later un-tag herself from on Facebook. A whole weekend with her friends at the biggest party of the year, without any worries or parents telling her what to do.

So how she ended up trapped in the school with a deranged psycho killing her classmates off one by one, she will never know.

It wouldn’t have been as bad if she was trapped on her own. She would have been happier to face the lunatic solo rather than be trapped with a guy who kept using the life or death situation to make passes at her. His theory was being so close to death should definitely loosen her up, and by ‘loosen up’ he definitely meant ‘get naked.’

Along with his friends who between them had the IQ of a baby tree stump, an outcast who probably still had Spiderman bed sheets and the cheerleaders who were more worried about all the blood staining their new white jeans, they had to somehow make it out of there alive.

And to think, Summer’s biggest worry that weekend was waking up with a brutal hangover…


I've changed my mind. I'm so not prepared for this cause, let's face, I'm gonna cry again and it's gonna be really sad
Well, if we're being technical, the psycho was only looking to chop one of you up and the rest if you just got in the way.
Woo, London. So exciting. Love it. 
                              Not the sarcasm. It's absolute crap.
People, all of you who are shipping it.
                              The ship already docked 5 centuries ago and is now on its 7th return journey. Keep up now
parisparis25 parisparis25 2 days ago
No offense but I don't get the big deal with drinking. I heard it tastes terrible anyway.
Celestial-Lupine Celestial-Lupine 3 days ago
About to reread this. Loved it so much the first time and it stayed in m thoughts for days.
                              This kind of situation would never happen to most schools where I live (Australia) though. Our schools consist of a bunch of buildings consisting of two or more classrooms each with their own separate door.