Once Upon A Dawn (Naruto Fanfiction)

Once Upon A Dawn (Naruto Fanfiction)

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Dawn is a young girl descended from the Saito Clan. She was born and raised in the Land of Enchantment, under the believe of the religion there and the culture. She is known to be very special, very special indeed. 

Dawn grew up without her knowing anything about her father, believing him dead as her mother did too. After her clan disappears into thin air, she decides to go off on a hunt to find out who her father is. She lands in the Leaf Village as her first lead, along with her pack of wolves. 

Dawn runs into many conflicts in the Leaf Village, and is slightly open to her new friends about where she is from. She is considered very helpful and friendly ... that is until she lets her guard down and someone close to her stabs her in the back.

Will Dawn survive the conflict rising all around her and the loose ends her father left behind? 

***This cover was done  by Harmony_Owl**

**I do NOT own Naruto, all rights to the original owner(s). I also do not own any pictures or songs I use in this story. I only own my OC(s) and that is it. This disclaimer will only be seen here in my description, so enjoy the story.** **This story is labeled as mature, only for the strong language and violence. It will not be graphic.**

CardinalBeast CardinalBeast Dec 27, 2016
So.... there's no lightning? None at all? Kay. I can live with that xD
leena3xiumin leena3xiumin Dec 31, 2016
Land of Enchantment....anyone else think of the movie "Hocus Pocus"? The song Come Little Children?
And the Element of lightning is Pikachu and he's a Pokémon!!!
rainsenju rainsenju Sep 04, 2016
Hope I don't CANCER reading...
                              Everything I say, don't take me serious I'm a natural ass hole
Seriously the day after 9/11 and that sounds like what they did for 9/11 too. I'm not hating I am just putting what I thought after I read it
JessIsAMess75 JessIsAMess75 Aug 03, 2016
Every thing changed after the Fire Nation attacked(That's like my fav show :3)