Living with the boys

Living with the boys

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Kim By horses1234omglol Updated Jul 08

"I don't know what to say alley" 
"Say what you want it's not going to change things" 
"Alley please don't do this I can't lose you too" 
"Blake I can't do this" 
He held my hand and kissed my forehead. 
"I promise everything will be alright  princess"

Met alley she's 15. She has the bests friends and school. But one thing about her is she is not prefect. Her dad left them when she was 11. But hey she still has her mom and brother right? 

Now met Blake and he's alley older brother. He's 18 and is always trying to keep alley out of trouble. He's ever protected over her he always has been. But he's determined to keep very big secrets form her.

Alley and Blakes mom gets murdered. Both alley and Blake  are now to go to live with a close friend of there moms! What they didn't know was that close friend has 7 boys and no girls how will alley deal with all of this? Will alley ever be happy or find true love?

Trigger warning!!! There will be problems faced with rape, self harm and eating disorders. If this bothers you please do NOT read! Thank you!

  • brothers
  • death
  • finding
  • lies
  • life
  • love
  • new
  • truth
WeirdFangirl37 WeirdFangirl37 Jun 11, 2016
I thought it meant the hair was as tall as Blake. 😒 I have a weird mind
inesmaaland inesmaaland Nov 06, 2016
I don't wear makeup, just at special times, like prom or birthdays.
Tess_countrychick Tess_countrychick Oct 31, 2016
Me too. There is something about a pointy object covered in ink heading straight towards my eyes that freak me out.
There’s a lot of spelling errors, but other than that it seems like a good story