Last Sunset || {H.S/AU.}

Last Sunset || {H.S/AU.}

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Pumpkin. By PumpkinSara Updated a day ago

"It's when you most desire to live and when time is running out that you'd be willing to give away everything to prolong it."

   Adélia's journey begins when she leaves home, ready to move on and leave behind emotional baggage and heavy, heart-wrenching memories that she no longer wants to carry.

However, no matter how far she runs; a part of her will always be linked to that past, and sometimes, history is truly meant to repeat itself.

Two men. One heart.
Torn between passionate and terrible love, she will have to make a choice, but then again, timing isn't always right, and fate isn't always on our side.

[Last Sunset - Harry Styles ||  A/U]

looooeehhh looooeehhh May 16, 2016
Heyy heyy hey hubby I'm gonna start your bomb story now coz exams are over and I'm frreeeee🙈🙈
somberlyblissful somberlyblissful Jun 27, 2016
Dang, I really need to control myself before I fall off from my bed
achhuu achhuu Sep 02, 2016
So had this book for a while in my lib gonna read it tonight 🙌👍
somberlyblissful somberlyblissful Jun 27, 2016
Dang what? Your English is just perfect. You don't need to excuse yourself for that, Pumpkin. :) I already know it that this book is going to be the death of me. RIP to me. Smh
divinelyxchaotic divinelyxchaotic May 13, 2016
I found a mistake that there is no mistake, you must be mistaken.
looooeehhh looooeehhh May 16, 2016
That's okay babe English isn't my first language too but you don't need to have good English for a great story. I can only say that your plot is amazeballs coz then you won't have those many reads and comments!