Loving the Moon (Marauders Fan Fiction)

Loving the Moon (Marauders Fan Fiction)

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(Book One- Second book is called Brilliant, Love.)
The name's Potter, Harper Quinn Potter. My brother is James Potter. I've gone to Beauxbatons for the past 5 years of being a witch. I'm 15 years old and transferring to Hogwarts to go to school with James and his friends. I was expelled for pranking the headmaster too many times, 24 times to be exact and I'm proud of it!

          I'm 1/8th veela but I still have the veela qualities of enchanting beauty, graceful movements, and the smarts of being a veela. I hate it. That's why I prank, to let people focus on another side of me.

          James has made sure to never let me have a boyfriend but I'm a great flirt to those boys who play with girl's hearts. Payback's a pain. 

          I'm a werewolf with a little twist. Beautiful but dangerous, just like me.

          I'm stubborn and when people try to tell me what to do, I tell them something of my own. Make me.

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HunterLilith HunterLilith Mar 04, 2017
Noooooo. That's not how it goes. It's "you break her heart and I break your ability to bear children." *smiles sweetly* ok?
MagnoliaRidley MagnoliaRidley Mar 22, 2016
Isnt that a bit much she is good smart, good looking Part veela and a Werwolf?  But likes Pranking and hurtig bad Boys? Well I will give it a Chance but if she is Part Vamp to i will have to stop.
iiyolo_foxii iiyolo_foxii Apr 03, 2016
I'm sorry, I really like this book (reread) but isn't this a bit too much, he just flirted with you. You don't even know his name...
mushroompowercat mushroompowercat Mar 08, 2017
And she's a werewolf? If she was a werewolf she would have scars everywhere and be nowhere near flawless
MercurysMustache MercurysMustache Oct 02, 2016
Was this book called make me before? I feel like ive seen one called make me
MercurysMustache MercurysMustache Feb 04, 2016
I'm listening to led zeppelin and as I read this Black Dog came on and I was like "What the hell."