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FrUK Oneshots

FrUK Oneshots

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tea By its-raining-tea Completed

The nonsense, the endless bickering, the years and years of heartache, of course there would be hundreds if not thousands of reasons to give up on each other. End it. But, they always found one way to stick together, to keep their hearts as one. Arthur Kirkland (England) and Francis Bonnefoy (France) are both in love, and they seem to stick with each other, no matter what. 

EDIT 25/05/17 - Please STOP commenting about 'Canadians don't have an accent.' I'm quite tired of things like this and I swear if I could deactivate comments I would. These are old, I'm quite done with hetalia and if I get one more round of spam I will delete these. Thank you and sorry for my rudeness but I'm done with hetalia and this one shot collection.

Within this selection of One-Shots there will be: 
-Minor Language to look out for 
-Depressing Themes 
-Much fluff
-Author Notes (A/N)
-Artwork by Me

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Hetalia Axis Powers, songs used in this, other story lines that I have adapted. I only own certain plots, you will most likely be able to tell by the format of writing which I use.

Finished July 2016

Tsukiko_Online Tsukiko_Online 2 days ago
I always knew that mama (England) was rather short......but I did not know that he was THAT short! Merde, the difficulties of being so petit!
Tsukiko_Online Tsukiko_Online 2 days ago
*pats Canada on the head* Did Alfie force you to spy on mama and papa again?
Tsukiko_Online Tsukiko_Online 2 days ago
*nods* It's true, I should know. Since I am their sister (we're quadtrupletsss, it's just the fourth one isn't here rn....) after all.
Tsukiko_Online Tsukiko_Online 2 days ago
....*pokes America* Little Brother, TAKE PHOTOS OF MAMA AND PAPA!!!! I'm off to go spy on Germany and Italy with Japan, au revoir mon petit frere!
Tsukiko_Online Tsukiko_Online 2 days ago
......? Whaaaaa? Also: MAMA (England)!! PAPA (France), IS MAMA STILL ALIVE?!?!
KGBedard KGBedard May 14
I'm basically female America for this one paragraph, instead of a "over shippy brother" Im an "over shippy sister."