Creepypasta Lemons

Creepypasta Lemons

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I am no one By txcksbae Updated Aug 14, 2017

A book a lemons starring some of your favorite Creepypasta.♡


☆I don't do yaoi☆

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- - Mar 28, 2017
Is it a bit funny that this story has 69k reads? No? Just me? Okay.....
Want to ruin the sexual moment if your a holosexual 
                              Imagine Christine saying ben everytime you read bens name
Bras are difficult to get on and off if you can’t see the clasp. They’re even worse if your body is wet.
Do not underestimate a small person. They will kick your ass.
                              Physically or Verbally, they will one way or another.
13579, why am I listing odd numbers? Cuz I can even😂👏👏
Trash_Doggo Trash_Doggo Mar 03
How can he carry me if I'm a sorta heavy person. If anything I'm the one who should be carrying him :b