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I'm your what now? (EXO, BTS, & Got7)

I'm your what now? (EXO, BTS, & Got7)

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Kaye21 By happy_panda21 Updated Mar 23

On the way to Seoul~

(on the bus)

Kim: Hwa!!!!~ the scenery is so pretty! (looking out of the window)

Tyler: Kimmy!!! I'm hungry!!! (rubs his stomach)

Kim: ok oppa, what do you want? ( starts going through her bag full of food packed by their mom)

Tyler: what's there?

Kim: uhm....let's see....

(Tyler pays attention closely)

Kim: Shrimp Snacks,  Korean Rice Crackers , Crab Chips , Traditional Korean Crackers With Laver Flavor, Chocolate Corns,  Sweet Red Bean Jelly ,Lotte's Kancho Choco Biscuits, and some Pepero White Cookie Sticks.

Tyler: Oh~ gimme pepero! (acting childish)

Kim: oh!( hands it to her brother) mom also packed us some  Kimchi, Soft Tofu Stew , Jjajangmyeon  , Tteokbokki , Gimbap, Galbi , aand.. some..Bulgogi.

Tyler: Jinja?

Kim: ye!

Tyler: Wow she really got out there preparing all of that!

Kim: ah ye( starts to miss her mom)

Tyler: ( notices the change of his sister's atmosphere) Don't be sad.... we'll just be staying in Seoul for 4 years then we can ...

Hybridangerrior Hybridangerrior Nov 30, 2016
Omg. My name is Kim and everybody in my class says Kimmy to me xD