My Neighbor's a Badboy(completed)

My Neighbor's a Badboy(completed)

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"Give me back my diary."I said while pinned under Dylan.

"For one thing your sneaking in skills lack, and two, I'm not giving you your diary back."Dylan  said while smirking down at 

And then he did something I didn't see coming, he kissed me.  It was very short, but sweet...until I remembered I was still pinned down on his bed.

After a couple seconds of silence, I finally spoke.  "I didn't want to have to do this, but seeing as you're not going to move..."I said before shoving him with all my might, rolled out from beneath him, ran to the windowsill, and jumped out of his windowsill onto mine, and locked my window.


Skylar White, your average 17 year old good girl, straight A's, perfect attendance, and a clean record until Tony Fillen shows up.

Dylan Rider is your run of the mill bad boy.  He has a C average, a complicating family life, and a new house...right next to Skylar's.

From enemies to friends, read on as these opposites attract.

VogayasiGloria VogayasiGloria Apr 16, 2016
Maddy and Ben... Am I the only one who thought of swimfan?? No? Just me? That's k😜😊
Cybermime Cybermime Jul 14, 2016
*reads the description of story* its sad because half my grades are worse than dylans like Ds and Cs mostly 😂😂😂
karingkaron karingkaron Jul 31, 2016
Has anyone noticed how the bad boy is always called 
                              Or some other shiz like that
WhiskarsElise WhiskarsElise Jul 19, 2016
Oh honey!! You can't refuse love, 
                              It just doesn't work like that you see
FelturKissesXox FelturKissesXox Jan 16, 2016
How can no one like math its my third favorite in school!!!😀😀😀
Kingdom_Keeper_Jez Kingdom_Keeper_Jez Apr 30, 2015
Me coral and Maddy were talking about this part before school today