Project SX

Project SX

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Luna Black By _salacious Updated May 14

Book 2 of 3 [ O N G O I N G ]

After the battle against the Griods, the Xrionians and Humans have tried getting along.The Xrions received citizenship in the United States and they are helping Earth prosper. As the new General, Xander takes on the responsibility of leading his people away from Xrion and as a consequence, things begin heating up in his beloved planet. In order to resolve the issues, he must take a trip to the Eris Galaxy and leave Alexandra behind.

Unbeknownst to him, she sneaks into the ship and commits yet another mistake that saves his life.


Published: July 8, 2015

Cover: me

Mj_Byrd2003 Mj_Byrd2003 Nov 02
I wonder what happened to Seth or maybe I just don't remember
kegraham821 kegraham821 Nov 24
I don't think they ever clarified after Alexa shooting him lol!
I just want to know if later is a partir were her ex sees her and dye of jelousy
Amber Heard is very... Alex like, But I think that Kate Hudson would be an even better actress for this role, and I hope that you don't take that as an attack against your personal beliefs.
theGayArrow theGayArrow Feb 19
So we all read the intro. When I checked the things the square boxes that describe the book I died. It said "jealousy" I do not like that word. It means someone is trying to break apart  Xander and her apart. I forgot her name but.......
koalaas_ koalaas_ Feb 27
I honestly tried waiting till this book was complete but I wasn't complete without Xander and Alexandrea