Belonging To Them (boyxboyxboyxboy)

Belonging To Them (boyxboyxboyxboy)

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Five years earlier..

"You're nothing but a freak, no one will ever love someone like you." Collin growled in my face. I flinched pushing myself back against the lockers. His eyes full of fury making me shrink back more. Turning my face away from him but that made him grab my face, making me face him. "Nobody will ever love someone like you, get that through your head. Danny is cheating on you." Iris grinning evilly. Was that true? They are lying. They had to be. Danny would never do that to me. 

"Why do you think we know about you and him? You thought it was a secret? Nope, you were wrong." Iris licked his lips, pushing Collin to the side to face me. "He's seeing me.. All night long. So back off!" with one last shove I saw as they both walked away without a look back. The back of my tormentors. The backstabbers, they once were my best friend now they push me down every chance they could get. I wanted to cry but I felt as though tears had run out of my eyes. I could no longer find th...

Luckymage2015 Luckymage2015 2 days ago
And your son is smoking cannabis 
                              No one ever listens this wallpaper glisten
                              Dont let them see what goes down in the kitchen
Baby you dont need them just come with me I'll give you so many cuddles and lots of chocolate and juice, you'll be like "iris who?"
Its sad because I feel his pain I'm going through a rough time rn
ilovepeas ilovepeas Apr 10
Hey girl (boy) open the walls, play with your dolls and we be a perfect family
Hey girl open the wall play with your dolls we'll be a perfect family when you walk away is when we really play you don't hear me when I say mom please wake up dads with a slut
Kekebabay12 Kekebabay12 Dec 24, 2016
I was gonna comment about DOLLHOUSE BY MELANIE MARTINEZ IN THE BOOK AAAUGH!! But now I feel unoriginal 😂😂 The fans are everywhere!!!