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Jesus fucking Christ. If Braxton didn't believe in fuck at first sight, he did now.

He could fuck that running mouth through hours of the night and not feel a sliver amount of guilt for their age difference.

"It was a real pleasure," he said, taking her hand to kiss the back of it. He grinned when she yanked it back, as if she had been burned. "Maybe I'll give you a call someday, Ms. Lennox."

maaaybeyes maaaybeyes Apr 22
Oh Braxton sounds like a civil engineering's people. Always the reasonable one...
That's not really what he said. In fact he was being very helpful maybe in a rude way but he was telling her so that she wouldn't make those mistakes
calihornia calihornia Jul 29
So you hate him bc he was born into a good family? Good reason.
This is so weird because I legit just came from reading about his mom and dads sex life
As much as karina got on my nerves I miss her and I wish she were still alive
That's weird. Even dean didnt do that weird shi with karina and she was into bondage