Partners In Crime (Ticciwork fanfic)

Partners In Crime (Ticciwork fanfic)

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Aster Blackwell By _rainykat_ Completed

Sometimes, Clockwork would look back and wonder what would have happened. What would've happened if she hadn't gotten jumped by a giant black dog in the middle of a mysterious forest, what would've happened if she hadn't been rescued by two men in masks, what would've happened if she'd never bothered to stay in the secret mansion in the woods, if she'd never fallen in love with the odd personalities that hid behind its dark windows.

What would've happened? She'd never know. But one thing was certain: it was too late to back out now.


A ticciwork and creepypasta fanfiction.

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IAmTooMuchLikePidge IAmTooMuchLikePidge Aug 08, 2017
                              Is that like a Percy Jackson reference 
                              Cause to me it feels like it.
Awesomesauce2oo6 Awesomesauce2oo6 Feb 22, 2016
Marshmellady Marshmellady Jun 29, 2016
Did he just say "Idiot proxies"?
                              Ohhh you've done it now narrator
                              THE AUTHOR'S AMAZING THOUGH
theweirdestwitch theweirdestwitch Apr 14, 2016
this is like the millionth time I've read this book and it keeps getting better every time!
xXidyllicXx xXidyllicXx Mar 21, 2016
Hoodie is actually a girl. Her real name is Kris ( I think but I'm not positive)
Pixeled_Kitty Pixeled_Kitty Feb 08, 2016
This is actually a song.
                              Partners in Crime by Set It Off.... It's my favorite song