Partners In Crime (Ticciwork fanfic)

Partners In Crime (Ticciwork fanfic)

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Venus By Cat_in_the_Rain Updated 7 hours ago

In retrospect, going into Slenderman's Forest that day was probably a bad idea.

With a torn shoulder from a hellhound attack, Clockwork has to stay in a hidden mansion full of crazy people for a week until she recovers. It seemed to be a better option than the hellhounds until Clockwork realizes there's something more going on at that mansion than just a bunch of hiding serial killers. Behind the mix of carved smiles and bloodstained masks, there were more than a few dark secrets, especially behind the amber eyes of the one called Toby...


A ticciwork and creepypasta fanfiction.

Goom_Drop Goom_Drop Jun 29
Did he just say "Idiot proxies"?
                              Ohhh you've done it now narrator
                              THE AUTHOR'S AMAZING THOUGH
this is like the millionth time I've read this book and it keeps getting better every time!
Hoodie is actually a girl. Her real name is Kris ( I think but I'm not positive)
This is actually a song.
                              Partners in Crime by Set It Off.... It's my favorite song