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Lessons In Love (Camila/You)

Lessons In Love (Camila/You)

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Well I'll Be Darned By Wellillbedarned Updated Jun 15, 2016

What will happen when Camila, a woman you met at a gay bar, happens to be your English teacher?
Will you be just good friends or much more than that?

Elizabethgrace11 Elizabethgrace11 4 days ago
Boy you better act like you got some sense, 
                              Cos you got a dime and it's money well spent
patrick and spongebob got their faces stuck so it's true guys
lolosidehoe lolosidehoe Jan 24
Can't we pick between what bike to take Bc I know I ain't that good in person. 
                              Mongoose or 
                              Next? Come on choose 😂
hey i graduate the year i turn 19 but i'll be 18 .. i never failed tho
you forgot you were formally in fifth harmony but not gonna say anything
R.I.P To all our fallin ones 💙💜❤️💛💚. #orlando