For Eternity #Book 2

For Eternity #Book 2

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"I want you. I want us. I want it all. With you. For Eternity." 

Davina Claire was a beautiful and carefree witch before she became a vampire. Beside her, was Kol Mikealson, the Original vampire, who would kill anyone that tried to hurt her. But her new fresh start as a creature with an endless life is gonna change forever. Even though, she is not afraid, when she has Kol by her side. 

Kol Mikealson has now Davina for eternity. But he is worried about her, if she can survive and resist to her weakness: blood. What is his reaction, when he knows deep inside, he wanted this to happen? To have Davina Claire always and forever even though she never wanted to be a vampire? 

Both of them have to deal with their very own demons, with their dark sides and secret desires. But still...

...How do you destroy a monster, without becoming one?

beatrizbay beatrizbay Jul 09, 2015
yeah continue !!!! I love your first book Two strangers !!! ♥