Mine Again// Kol Mikaelson

Mine Again// Kol Mikaelson

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-eliot By -eliot Updated Oct 17, 2016

The fresh crisp breeze found its way past the trees as Kol walked along the stepping stones of the Brooke near the village where the Mikaelson family lived. 

Kol was bored and with the mysterious untamed woods ahead of him, he couldn't have thought of anything better to pass the time with. 

All of his brothers were busy continuing there activities of sword fighting with sticks or picking flowers like Rebekah. 

But Kol wanted to do something else. Even if it did mean that he was now lost in the woods. 

His foot slipped on the moss covered stone and he fell into the knee deep crystal waters. 

"Ugh." He groaned as he walked onto the grass patch of a near by pine tree. 

The smell of pine had always made his day, as he took in a deep breath sighing. 

"Don't you just love the smell of pine?" An unknown female voice spoke. 

His eyes snapped to the brunette who was currently holding her dress standing in the cool water. 

"I'm sorry who are you?" The girl simple smiled as her hazel eye...

Terminated_ Terminated_ Aug 10, 2015
This seems absolutely and insanely awesome already, please write more! :)