Begging For Relief (Adommy)

Begging For Relief (Adommy)

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Fay'lin Sparrow By Writer_Babe Updated Apr 04

The Famous Singer/Actor Adam Lambert decides to take a break from his world of fame upon the release of his fortuned album 'Trespassing'. 

   To pass the time during this vacation, he decides to take a job as a teacher, embracing the only class he was ever good at in High School; Theater. 

    Adam knows how it feels to be an outcast, he knows how the halls of High School can be treacherous for someone different from the status quoi in any way. But little did he know how much of a big impact that a little outcast, like new student Thomas Ratliff, could have on him.


  Thomas J. Ratliff, or Tommy Joe, as he prefers it hated everything about his life. He hated how his father ran out on his family three years ago when Tommy came out to his parents. 
    He hated the fact that his mother was stuck with him rather than being able to live the life she deserved. He hated the pitying look she gave him every time he came through the door with a new bruise from some idiot homophobic jock.
    But most of all he hated himself.
   That is until he met the one man that changed everything for him. Tommy's going to see just how hard it is to hide in the darkness when Adam shows him the light.


© 2015 Fay'lin Sparrow

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louisa_love_is_love louisa_love_is_love Nov 11, 2017
Already voted before actually started reading because I knew it would be good after a short time!
louisa_love_is_love louisa_love_is_love Nov 11, 2017
How old is Adam in this Fanfiction, I'm already dying to know
Glitterbaby2016 Glitterbaby2016 Jul 10, 2016
Rereading this and I just noticed this XD wow first chapter and already a title reference XD
SusanGreenhaw SusanGreenhaw Jun 29, 2016
Some how I started this book pages ahead, but glad to start from the beginning. What kiss are you asking for votes for? Where? Love your writing 😝
GlamArmyGirl93 GlamArmyGirl93 Jan 25, 2016
It's too late but I totally vote for a steamy Adommy kiss ;)
Glitterbaby2016 Glitterbaby2016 Sep 28, 2015
I don't know why but this sounded sad
                               :( but omg it was amazing!!!!!!