The Little Mermaid | Larry

The Little Mermaid | Larry

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Harry has lived under the sea for 18 long boring years. He has always wanted to explore oure world (Land). But the fact that he has a tail and being the only son of King Triton, Going on land isn't an option. But After shaving Louis(Prince) from drowing he will do anything to be with him, Even making a deal with the sea witch Zayn.

Louis has just turned 21 and for his birth-day the King and Queen gave him a boat. and while taking the boat out a lighting storm brews causing the ship to catch fire and sink. While trying to get to the life boats he is knocked unconsious.......... Now While regaining consiousness, with his burly visison he was able to make out a boy with curly hair, green eyes and a amazning voice. He didn't know who this boy was, BUT he was determaned to find out.

If Only Louis Knew.

Harry as Ariel 

Louis as Prince Eric

Liam as Sebastian

 Niall as Flounder

Zayn as Ursula(Didnt want to make zayn the villian but i thought he would fit this role.)

Simon King Triton

Taylor Swift AND Cher Lloyd as Flotsam and Jetsam


MY FIRST EVER LARRY!!!! I dont think there will Be boyxboy.... so dont worry if thats not your cup of tea ;) i have a Niam coming its Cinderalla and I MIGHT do Snow White with Niall and Zayn Maybe maybe.. Enjoy <3

BellaMartinez203 BellaMartinez203 Aug 12, 2016
Dang I hope you shaved him nice and good, I wanna feel those smooth legs
And Eleanor as the woman the octopus transforms at the end to marry prince Eric
blurrqface blurrqface Apr 21, 2014
How is it a larry fanfic if there isn't boy boy? That doesn't make any sense
temptedtoread temptedtoread Aug 14, 2013
@EmJbrookreader Yeah i know, i didn't want Zayn as the villain but i couldn't think where to put him DX But i may or may not make him good in the second. Still working on Zayn and his sisters character....
EmilyJLwriter EmilyJLwriter Aug 14, 2013
@AnnoyingPuggeyChild I understand where you're coming from. Poor Zayn though, I would hate to be an evil sea witch!
temptedtoread temptedtoread Aug 13, 2013
@EmJbookreader Well since the classic story is 'The Little Mermaid' and since this is based off of it, i wanted to keep it the Little Mermaid, i felt The Little Merman would confuse people