the bad boy and the mute girl

the bad boy and the mute girl

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natasha By nita01carvalho Updated Oct 09, 2016

Snow POV (her outfit\hair/car) 

"snow its time to get up you need to get ready for your first day of high school" my mom said while taking off my blankets i shook my head OK and my mom sighed "sweet please talk you haven't talked in 6 years and you know its not your fault for your brothers death" i looked at her and just pointed to my door so she could leave she always does this at the begging of a new school year since i was 10 and now i'm 16 

but i don't care i got use to it as i got out of bed i went to my bathroom that's connected to my room and toke a shower once i came out i warped a towel around me and walk to my walk in closet and pick out a blue tank top with a jean skirt and a muisce shirt with knee high sneakers then I did my hair and my makeup and put on my fav necklace my brother gave my for my 10 birth day before he died 

As I finish getting ready I go down stairs to the kitchen to eat breakfast "good morning sweety'' my dad says as I enter the kitchen and I just smile...

NicholeTheSavageGal NicholeTheSavageGal Aug 30, 2016
If I was a mute this is what I'd do to that mean girl:
                              I'd slap her SO hard | Punch her in the stomach | Run to a teacher or someone like that | Get her in trouble | Run to my happy place| And in my mind I'd be like F*** you mean girl..
nita01carvalho nita01carvalho Jun 22, 2016
Yeah sorry didn't notice that but yeah it's supposed to be shorts
GodlyCow GodlyCow Sep 08, 2016
Does anyone know who the boy in the book cover is because my ex friend said its her boyfriend and shown me a picture of him
P0lS3N P0lS3N Feb 07, 2016
capitalize the beginning of a new sentence? please? I'm sorry if I sound rude saying this. although I can probably overlook it. c;
Toxic_Gangsters Toxic_Gangsters Jul 27, 2016
If I was mute, I wouldn't give 2 shits about what peaple say