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Phil Stamper By stampepk Completed

Having never seen a sunrise, sixteen-year-old Leo escapes the slums beneath NYC, spurring a manhunt that will end with his freedom or his death. 

Book one: Completed.
Book two: In progress...

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"I'm lovin it " - @UnicornLove123

"This is unputdownable." - @FaixZaloha

"Best book I've read in a while" - @MarcusBrooks7

"It's like Hunger Games and Divergent had a baby, but in our universe's future." - @MeepVop

"I cant even this is so good!!!" - @pink_fluffy_liza

"One of the best stories ever *-*" - @Sarra_A

||Full Description||

Raised in the slums beneath the futuristic mega-city of New York, sixteen-year-old Leo has never seen a sunrise. And he never will. Once he signs his adult work contract, he'll become property of NYC's ultimate political power: Authority. But he's not going to be their slave. Funding a breakout seems impossible, until Authority offers the slum rats a controversial deal: greatly reduce your lifespan; get a big payout. Leo refuses, but his mother takes the new deal, leaving her with only a few months to live. 
It's no secret-to Leo or the other slum rats-this deal aims to fix the population explosion propelling the city to the brink of collapse. As Authority prepares to eliminate his mother, Leo takes her payout and busts out of the slums, elevating into the chaos of the mega-city's rush hour and breaking about a dozen Authority laws. If he can get past the ever-expanding city borders and set up a refugee camp, he might be able to smuggle her out before her execution. When reports of his breakout get leaked to Authority, he must flee deeper into the derelict city. 

If they catch him, he won't just fail his mother, but the only home he's ever known will be turned to ruins.