Frank Iero gets a new dorm room at the Art And Music College in New York. But does he get a dorm to his own, or not? Sometimes he wonders "I'm not alone."

PansyXOXO PansyXOXO Jul 18, 2016
That what I said when u saw the word anus in the tags... thanks
KTC6401204 KTC6401204 Dec 31, 2016
We love your writing and your passion. Thank you. You're amazing!💖
xoTragician xoTragician Oct 25, 2015
if we were sick of your writing, we wouldn't read it. and guess what! this has thousands of reads which means we're not sick of you! i love your writing!
TragicDeathStar TragicDeathStar Jul 01, 2014
I honestly don't think I can ever grow tired of your writing. :)
EmberWolf EmberWolf Jan 17, 2013
                              JESUS CHRIST BRO XD
KingOfDarknessGerard KingOfDarknessGerard Jan 16, 2013
@BabyGoth7299 I've no idea! I just have so many stories I'm writing right now. People must think I'm on like 1000000mg of Aderol or something :o
                              Y'all better update yours :D