Hetalia : Chat Room

Hetalia : Chat Room

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NapstaBlook The Lovely Ghost By BlackandWhitePain Updated Jun 16, 2015

Germany : Hallo Everyone

Italy : Ciao~ Bellas~

Japan : Kon'Nichiwa Minna-san 

Admin : Hey! Everyone Today we are with the axis and here to ask question- 

Italy : I'm hungry-a, can't this wait after pasta!? 

Admin : No Italy Just Stay calm, well eat after I ask questions okay?

Japan : Hai, Excuse Itary for being rude. *Sighs*

Germany ; So vhat are ze questions jou had for us!?

Admin : Oh right um anyways let's get started! Shall we!? 
Admin : Question one, for Italy 
"Why are you so obessed with pasta, I'm sure there are other foods out there right?"

Italy : Vee~ There are-a Bella but I prefer pasta it's better than any food I know!

Germany : Hm, vhat vas zhat Wurst is better Italia!

Italy ; Dotisu, But! 

Germany ; No Buts!

Japan : I prefer rice, and sushi o-oh I can't forget sart either 

Admin : Hmmm I never had any sushi before, and too much salt is disgusting. *Shivers* 

Italy has left the building
Admin : Ouch my ears!!